Producing collagen micro-stripes with aligned fibers for cell migration assaysdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

D. Mohammed, G. Pardon, M. Versaevel, C. Bruyère, L. Alaimo, M. Luciano, E. Vercruysse, Beth L. Pruitt and S. Gabriele

Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering 13, 87-98(2020)

>Cover of the February 2020 Issue


Actomyosin contractility scales with myoblast elongation and enhances differentiation through YAP nuclear export depositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

C. Bruyère, M. Versaevel, D. Mohammed, L. Alaimo, M. Luciano, E. Vercruysse and S. Gabriele

Scientific Reports 9, 15565 (2019) 

Open access on


Kinked silicon nanowires: Superstructures by metal assisted chemical etchingdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

G. Sandy, J. Avila Osses, M. Luciano, D. Caina, A. Stopin, D. Bonifazi, J.-F Gohy, A. Silhanek, I. Florea, M. Bahri, O. Ersen, P. Leclere, S. Gabriele, A. Vlad and S. Melinte

Nano Letters 19, 7681-7690 (2019)


Innovative tools for mechanobiology: unravelling outside-in and inside-out mechanotransduction depositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

D. Mohammed, M. Versaevel, C. Bruyère, L. Alaimo, M. Luciano, E. Vercruysse, A. Procès and S. Gabriele

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 7:162 (2019)

>Research Topics in Mechanobiology: Emerging Tools and Methods


Substrate area confinement is a key determinant of cell velocity in collective migrationdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

D. Mohammed, G. Charras, E. Vercruysse, M. Versaevel, J. Lantoine, L. Alaimo, C. Bruyère, M. Luciano, K. Glinel, G. Delhaye, O. Théodoly and S. Gabriele

Nature Physics 15, 858-866 (2019)

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Supramolecular self-assembly of DNA with a cationic polythiophene: from polyplexes to fibersdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M. Leclercq, J. Rubio-Magnieto, D. Mohammed, S. Gabriele, L. Leclercq, H. Cottet, S. Richeter, S. Clément and M. Surin 

ChemNanoMat 5, 703-709 (2019)










Live nanoscopic to mesoscopic topography reconstruction with an optical microscope for chemical and biological samplesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

O. Theodoly, N. Garcia-Seyda, F. Bedu, X. Luo, S. Gabriele, T. Mignot, J. Giermanska, J.-P. Chapel, M. Métivier and M.-P. Valignat

PLoS ONE, 13:e0207881 (2018)


A new method allowing long-term potentiation recordings in hippocampal organotypic slicesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

P. Paci, S. Gabriele and L. Ris

Brain and Behavior, 10.1002/brb3.692 (2017)


Deregulation of focal adhesion formation and cytoskeletal tension due to the loss of a-type laminsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

T.D.J Corne, ,T. Sieprath, J. Vandenbussche, D. Mohammed, M.K. te Lindert, K. Gevaert,  S. Gabriele, K. Wolf and W.H. de Vos

Cell Adhesion & Migration 11, 447-463 (2017) 


Persistence of fan-shaped keratocytes is a matrix-rigidity dependent process that requires α5β1 integrin engagementdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M. Riaz, M. Versaevel, D. Mohammed, K. Glinel and S. Gabriele

Scientific Reports 6, 34141 (2016)

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Click reactive microgels as a strategy towards chemically injectable hydrogelsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

R. Absil, S. Çakir, S. Gabriele, P. Dubois, C. Barner-Kowollik, F. Du Prez and L. Mespouille

Polymer Chemistry 7, 6752-6760 (2016)


Probing cytoskeletal pre-stress and nuclear mechanics in endothelial cells with spatiotemporally controlled (de-)adhesion kinetics on micropatterned substratesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M. Versaevel, M. Riaz, T. Corne, T. Grevesse, J. Lantoine, D. Mohammed, C. Bruyère, L. Alaimo, W.H. De Vos and S. Gabriele

Cell Adhesion and Migration 25, 1-12 (2016) 


Matrix stiffness modulates formation and activity of neuronal networks of controlled architecturesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

J. Lantoine, T. Grevesse, A. Villers, G. Delhaye, C. Mestdagh, M. Versaevel,  D. Mohammed, C. Bruyère, L. Alaimo, S.P. Latour, L. Ris and S. Gabriele

Biomaterials 89, 14-24 (2016)

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Axonal injury in brain concussions: role of the mechanical duality between neuronal microcompartmentsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

T. Grevesse, J. Lantoine, G. Delhaye, D. Mohammed, M. Riaz, M. Versaevel and S. Gabriele

Médecine/Sciences 32, 146-149 (2016)


Dissecting the mechanical behavior of neuronal microcompartments by combining magnetic tweezers and protein depositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-buttonmicropatterns

T. Grevesse, J. Lantoine, G. Delhaye and S. Gabriele

Neuroscience Communications 1, e1003 (2015)


Opposite rheological properties of neuronal microcompartments predict axonal vulnerability in brain injuriesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

T. Grevesse, B.E. Dabiri, K.K. Parker and S. Gabriele

Scientific Reports, 5, 9475 (2015)

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Super-resolution microscopy reveals LINC complex recruitment at nuclear indentation sitesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M. Versaevel, J.-B. Braquenier, M. Riaz, T. Grevesse, J. Lantoine and S. Gabriele

Scientific Reports, 4, 7362 (2014)

Open access on


Micropatterning hydroxy-PAAm hydrogels and Sylgard 184 silicone elastomers with tunable elastic modulidepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M. Versaevel*, T. Grevesse*, M. Riaz, J. Lantoine and S. Gabriele

*These authors contributed equally to this work

Methods in Cell Biology, 121, 33-48 (2014)


Preparation of hydroxy-PAAm hydrogels for decoupling the effect of mechanotransduction cuesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

T. Grevesse, M. Versaevel and S. Gabriele

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), 90, e51010 (2014)


Cell confinement: putting the squeeze on the nucleusdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M. Versaevel, T. Grevesse, M. Riaz and S. Gabriele

Soft Matter, 9, 6665-6676 (2013)

 Special Themed Issue on Emerging Investigators in Soft Matter


A simple route to functionalize polyacrylamide gels for the independent tuning of mechanotransduction cuesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

T. Grevesse, M. Versavel, G. Circelli, S. Desprez and S. Gabriele

Lab on a Chip, 13, 777-780 (2013)


Passive circulating cell sorting by deformability using a microfluidic gradual filterdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

P. Preira, V. Grandné, J.-M. Forel, S. Gabriele, M. Camara and O. Theodoly,

Lab on a Chip, 13, 161-170 (2013)


Spatial cordination between cell and nuclear shape within micropatterned endothelial cellsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M.Versaevel, T. Grevesse and S. Gabriele

Nature Communications, 3, 671 (2012)

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– Le Soir (national newspaper) Les contorsions du noyau cellulaire, 17 april 2012.

– Athena Magazine, La forme du noyau by J.-C. Quintart 281, 04, may 2012.

– UMONS News, Comment le noyau d’une cellule s’adapte aux pressions?, april 2012.


A possible role for integrin signaling in diffuse axonal injurydepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M.A. Hemphill*, B.E. Dabiri*, S. Gabriele*, L. Kerscher, C. Franck, J.A. Goss, P.W. Alford and K.K. Parker

*These authors contributed equally to this work

PLoS One, 6, E22899 (2011)

★ Highlight and press coverage:

– Nature : Bomb-blast brain injuries explained, Nature News, july 22, 2011.

– Science: How Blasts Injure the Brain, Science News, july 22, 2011.

– MIT Technology Reviews: The Mechanics of Blast Injury, Biomedicine, july 22, 2011.

– HARVARD gazette: New approaches to Traumatic Brain Injuries, Health & Medicine, july 25, 2011.

– FNRS News Magazine, L’effet de souffle d’une explosion, 87, 28-29, december 2011.

– Le Soir (national newspaper), Comment le cerveau explose, sept 20, 2011.

– La Province (national newspaper), Effet de souffle: UMons et Harvard découvrent, sept 21, 2011.

– Sciencedaily: Bioengineers identify the cellular mechanisms of TBI, Science News, july 22, 2011.

– Sciencenewsline (july 22, 2011), e! Science News (july 22, 2011, EurekAlert! (july 22, 2011), (july 24, 2011), (july 25, 2011), The Behavorial Medicine Report (july 23, 2011), (july 23, 2011), (july 22, 2011), (july 25, 2011), (july 23, 2011), (july 25, 2011), etc.


Influence of chain interdiffusion between immiscible poymers on dewetting dynamicsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

S. Coppée, S. Gabriele, A.-M. Jonas, J. Jestin and P. Damman

Soft Matter, 7, 9951-9955 (2011)


A simple microfluidic method to select, isolate, and manipulate single-cells in mechanical and biochemical assaysdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

S. Gabriele, M. Versaevel, P. Preira and O. Theodoly

Lab on a Chip, 10, 1459-1467 (2010)


Hierarchical wrinkling patternsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

H. Vandeparre*, S. Gabriele*, F. Brau, C. Gay, K.K. Parker and P. Damman

*These authors contributed equally to this work

Soft Matter, 6, 5751-5756 (2010)


Microfluidic investigation reveals distinct roles for actin cytoskeleton and myosin II activity in capillary leukocyte depositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-buttontrafficking

S. Gabriele, A.-M. Benoliel, P. Bongrand and O. Theodoly

Biophysical Journal, 96, 4308-4318 (2009)


Dewetting as an investigative tool for studying properties in thin polymer filmsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

G. Reiter, S. Al Akrass, M. Hamieh, P. Damman, S. Gabriele, T. Vilmin and E. Raphaël

The European Physical Journal, Special Topics, 166, 165-172 (2009)


On the mechanics of rim instabilities in viscoelastic polymer thin filmsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

S. Gabriele, S. Coppée, G. Reiter and P. Damman

The European Physical Journal, Special Topics, 166, 55-61 (2009)

 Cover of the Special Issue on « Recent Advances in Coating and Dynamical Wetting »


Influence of surface reflective properties on DIC microscopydepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

O. Theodoly, S. Gabriele and M.P. Valignat

Optics Express, 16, 4547-4558 (2008)


Relaxation of residual stress and reentanglement of polymers in spin-coated filmsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

P. Damman, S. Gabriele, S. Coppée, S. Desprez, D. Villers, T. Vilmin, E. Raphaël, M. Hamieh, S. Al Akrass and G. Reiter

Physical Review Letters, 99, 036101 (2007)


Influence of substrate properties on the dewetting dynamics of viscoelastic polymer filmsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

M. Hamieh, S. Al Akrass, T. Hamieh, P. Damman, S. Gabriele, T. Vilmin, E. Raphaël and G. Reiter

The Journal of Adhesion, 83, 367-381 (2007)


Viscoelastic dewetting of constrained polymer thin filmsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

S. Gabriele, P. Damman, S. Sclavons, S. Desprez, S. Coppée, G. Reiter, M. Hamieh, S. Al Akrass, T. Vilmin and E. Raphaël

Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 44, 3022-3030 (2006)


Disentanglement time of polymers determines the onset of rim instabilities in dewettingdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

S. Gabriele, S. Sclavons, G. Reiter and P. Damman

Physical Review Letters, 96, 156105 (2006)


The role of non-linear friction in the dewetting of thin polymer filmsdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

T. Vilmin, E. Raphaël, P. Damman, S. Sclavons, S. Gabriele, M. Hamieh and G. Reiter

Europhysics Letters, 73, 906-912 (2006)


Residual stresses in thin polymer films cause rupture and dominate early stages of dewettingdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

G. Reiter, M. Hamieh, P. Damman, S. Sclavons, S. Gabriele, T. Vilmin and E. Raphaël

Nature Materials, 4, 754-758 (2005)


Nanorubbing of polythiophene surfacesdepositphotos_108313632-stock-illustration-download-pdf-file-button

G. Derue, S. Coppée, S. Gabriele, M. Surin, V. Geskin, F. Monteverde, P. Leclère, R. Lazzaroni and P. Damman

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 127, 8018-8019 (2005)