Sylvain Gabriele, Ph.D.IMG_7821

Associate Professor with tenure

Associate Editor, Scientific Reports

President of the Research Institute for Biosciences

Email: sylvain.gabriele [at]

2007: CNRS Postdoc with Olivier Théodoly, Marseille (France)

2008: Postdoc with Kevin Kit Parker, Harvard University (USA)

2017: Invited Professor, Stanford University (USA)



MarieVERSAEVEL     Marie Versaevel, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: marie.versaevel [at]

Topics: nuclear mechanics, hydrogelsIMG_3085

Project : FEDER Prostem




     Tiffany Baetens, Ph.D. 

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: tiffany.baetens [at]

Topics: cell migration, fiber networks

Project : Interreg V Mat(t)isse



Celine_BRUYERE_crop    Céline Bruyère, Ph.D. track

Email: celine.bruyere [at]

Topics: Traction force microscopy, muscle cell differentiation, FSHD

2014: Cornell University, Jan Lammerding’s group (USA)

2017: Bonn University, Dieter Fürst’s group (DE)Photo 6-12-16 09 40 36

ABMM funding on muscular dystrophies



     Laura Alaimo, Ph.D. track

Email: laura.alaimo [at]

Topics: Epithelial tissue, microfluidics

2015: Institut Curie, Pascal Silberzan’s group (France)





Photo 3-12-16 17 33 47

Marine_Luciano2     Marine Luciano, Ph.D. track

Email: marine.luciano [at]

Topics: Soft hydrogels, epithelial tissues, nuclear mechanics

2016: UPENN, Dennis Discher’s group (USA)






     Eléonore Vercruysse, Ph.D. track

Email: eleonore.vercruysse [at]

Topics: cell migration, cell-cell adhesion, cadherin





Anthony_Proces     IMG_0271

     Anthony Procès, Ph.D. track

Co-supervised by Prof Laurence Ris

Email: anthony.proces [at]

Topics: neuronal networks, glial cells, TBI




     Abir Kazan, Ph.D. track

Co-supervised by Prof Lionel Tafforeau

Email: abir.kazan [at]

Topics: endothelial cells, micropatterns, ribosome





     Amandine Deridoux, Master

Co-supervised by Prof Patrick Flammang

Email: amandine.deridoux [at]

Topics: seastar motility, adhesion, TIRF microscopy

2020: Internship at Kiel University (Gorb’s lab)





     Alexandre Remson, Master

Co-supervised by Prof Mathieu Surin

Email: alexandre.remson [at]

Topics: cell migration, microcontact printing, protein chirality






     Yohalie Kalukula, Master

Email: yohalie.kalukula [at]

Topics: neuroblastoma, cell migration, 3D confinement

2020: Internship at Stockholm University (Einberg’s lab)








Olivier Théodoly, Ph.D. – Spring 2009

Chargé de Recherches CNRS – INSERM U600, Marseille (France)

Topics: Deformation of white blood cells in microcapillaries




Borna Dabiri, Ph.D. – Fall 2011

Disease Biophysics Group – Harvard University, Cambridge (USA)

Topics: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), magnetic tweezers




Benjamin Guiselin – Summer 2015

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France)

Topics: cell mechanics, contractility, rheology







Danahe Mohammed, Ph.D.

2014: Visiting at UCLondon, Guillaume Charras’ group (UK)

2016: Visiting at Stanford University, Beth Pruitt’s group (USA)

PhD in Sciences 2018: confined epithelial migration

2019: Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University (USA)

2020: Postdoctoral Fellow at Université catholique de Louvain (BE)




Maryam Riaz, Ph.D.

2011: Visiting at UPENN, Paul Janmey’s group (USA)

PhD in Sciences 2015: impact of matrix stiffness on cell motility

Current: Project Manager at MaSTherCell S.A



ThomasGREVESSE          Thomas Grevesse, Ph.D. 

  Master thesis 2009: Visiting at Matière et Systèmes Complexes, Atef Asnacios group (France)

  PhD in Sciences 2013: neuron cell mechanics and neural networks

  2014-2017: Postdoc at Harvard University (Disease Biophysics Group)

  Current: Condordia University, Quebec



Josephine151178nb         Joséphine Lantoine, Ph.D.

PhD in Sciences 2017: neuromechanics and inflammation

2014: EPFL, Stephanie Lacour’s group (CH)

2016: Inserm-CEA, Blaise Yvert’s group (FR)

Current: Quality laboratory at Sciensano (BE)



geraldinenb         Géraldine Circelli, M.S.

Master thesis 2011

2011: Visiting at Institut Curie, Sylvie Dufour’s group (France)

Current: Teaching Assistant, N.M.R. Laboratory (UMONS)



Geoffrey_crop         Geoffrey Delhaye, M.S.

Master thesis 2014

2014: Visiting at Cambridge University, Kristian Franze’s group (UK)

Current: Ph.D. student, Olivier Theodoly’s group (FR)



Camille_MESTDAGH_crop         Camille Mestdagh, M.S.

Master thesis 2015

2015: Visiting at Tufts University, David Kaplan’s group (USA)

Current: Teacher in secondary school



         Charlotte Vandendriessche, M.S.

Master thesis 2017

2017: Visiting at Carnegie Mellon University, Adam Feinberg’s group (USA)

Current: Travelling and enjoying the world