Vasiliev's equations are, to this day, the only known set of consistent and non-linear equations that describe, after linearisation around four dimensional (anti-)de Sitter spacetime, the free propagation of an infinite set of higher-spin gauge fields featuring the graviton. These last two years, new results have been derived in Higher Spin (HS) theory. They partly confirmed some expectations on the subject and they also showed that more work is required for a better understanding of the weak-field expansion of Vasiliev's equations around (A)dS$_4$. On the one hand, the holographic reconstruction of a theory from the free O(N) model in three dimensions seems to reproduce, as expected from the $HS/CFT$ conjecture, a non-abelian gauge theory of higher spin fields in (A)dS$_4$. On the other hand, the Vasiliev equations display some seemingly unavoidable non-localities in their perturbative regime around (A)dS$_4$. These last results raise some questions regarding the status of the $HS_4/CFT_3$ duality. In parallel, recent works performed in the light-cone gauge bring back to the scene some results obtained by Metsaev in the early nineties, pointing to the existence of a consistent and interacting HS theory in flat background. This three-day workshop is intended to gather together a small number of experts in Higher Spin gauge theory in order to freely discuss exciting and timely questions in Higher Spin Gravity.

UMONS, 26 - 28 April 2017, Pentagone building, 3rd floor - wing E

Scientific committee

Roberto Bonezzi (UMONS, Belgium)
Nicolas Boulanger (UMONS, Belgium)
Andrea Campoleoni (ULB & UMONS, Belgium)
Marc Henneaux (ULB and International Solvay Institutes, Belgium)
Per Sundell (UNAB, Chile)

Organizing committee

Glenn Barnich (ULB, Belgium)
Thomas Basile (UMONS, Belgium and LMPT Tours, France)
Roberto Bonezzi (UMONS, Belgium)
Nicolas Boulanger (UMONS, Belgium)
Andrea Campoleoni (ULB, Belgium)
David De Filippi (UMONS, Belgium)
Lucas Traina (UMONS, Belgium)

List of invited participants

Xavier Bekaert (LMPT Tours, France)
Dario Francia (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa and INFN, Italy)
Stefan Fredenhagen (University of Vienna, Austria)
Maxim Grigoriev (Lebedev Physics Institute, Russia)
Carlo Heissenberg (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa and INFN, Italy)
Carlo Iazeolla (G. Marconi University Rome, Italy)
Pan Kessel (AEI Potsdam, Germany)
Shailesh Lal (LPTHE Paris, France)
Amaury Leonard (ULB, Belgium)
Karapet Mkrtchyan (AEI Potsdam, Germany)
Dmitry Ponomarev (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
Rakibur Rahman (AEI Potsdam, Germany)
Evgeny Skvortsov (LMU Munich, Germany & Lebedev Physics Institute, Russia)
Mauricio Valenzuela (Univ. San Sebastian, Chile)
Yuri Zinoviev (Kurchatov Institute, Protvino, Russia)



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