The physics of compact objects, in particular of Neutron Stars brings together all the four fundamental interactions in extreme regime.

The nuclear matter composing the core involves the string interaction at high density, the fact that neutron actually compose the star and do not decay is due to favouring the inverse beta decay, which is a weak interaction process. Of course the geometry and motion of these compact objects is described by gravity and finally, accretion disks around black hole or the strong magnetic fields around pulsar is an electromagnetic effect.

Members of the NS.UMons group have expertise in the four fundamental interactions from various point of views, e.g. experimental or theoretical.

We give a brief description of our research according to the interaction it relates to, but of course, most of our work deals with more than one interaction.

The NS.Umons contact group is composed by researcher originating from various departments of the University of Mons including

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics

Astronomy and Spectroscopy

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