What is NS.UMons?

 NS.UMons is a contact group of the University of Mons, based on the topic of compact objects. NS means Neutron Stars. We chose neutron stars as a representative of compact objects because these fascinating objects put together all the four fundamental interactions, in their most extreme regime. For instance, neutron stars can display magnetic or gravitational field that are probably the most extreme in the universe. On another hand, neutron stars encounter nuclear reactions in densities high as the nuclear density, involving both the weak and strong interaction.

Our scientifical interests are wide, ranging from experiments to theoretical aspects. As a common denominator, they are all appliable to the physics of compact objects, such as balck holes, neutron stars or white dwarfs.

We regularly gather around scientific papers or other presentations in order to create interactions between the members of the group.

We further offer training and potentiallty thesis subjects to physics students, involving different parts of the Physics Dpt of UMons.

Last but not least, we aim on spreading our knowledge on fundamental interactions to wide audience by offering all audience seminares or presentations for students.

Dont hesitate to contact us at the general adress : fitg-ns.umons.ac.be

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