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Premier Assistant
Mechanical Engineer (1988)
Doctor in Applied Sciences (1994)

Major PhD thesis:

"Simulation du comportement dynamique de systèmes multicorps flexibles comportant des membrures de forme complexe"
The thesis is composed of two principal parts: the fisrt one describes the background of AMR, a Multibody Systems simulation package which has been developed during the research work; the second one builds up some rules for the selection of component modes for the modelling of complex flexible bodies.

Minor PhD thesis:

"L'application de la programmation orientée objets à la simulation de systèmes physiques s'avère efficace pour le prototypage mais doit être adaptée lors de la phase ultime de développement"

Most significant publications:

Conti C., Dehombreux P., Verlinden O. & Datoussaid S.
"ACiDyM, a Modular Software for Computer-Aided Learning of Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Multibody Systems".
"Advanced Multibody System Dynamics", W. Schiehlen, 1993, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp 361-366.

Verlinden O., Dehombreux P. & Conti C.
"A New Formulation for the Direct Dynamic Simulation of Flexible Mechanisms based on the Newton-Euler Inverse Method".
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol. 37, 1994, pp 3363-3387.

Verlinden O., Dehombreux P. & Conti C.
"An Optimized Residual Formulation for Multibody Systems".
Proceedings of the First Joint Conference of International Simulation Societies, August 22-25, 1994, Zurich (Switzerland), pp 307-311.

Verlinden O., Conti C. and Dehombreux P.
"Flexible Multibody Systems: Modal Synthesis".
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics, 9-11 mai 1996, Bruxelles, pp 110-115.

Dehombreux P., Verlinden O. and Conti C.
"A Robust Self-Starting Implicit Time Integration Scheme including Constraint Projection for the Simulation of Multibody Systems"
Proceedings of the 10th European Simulation Multiconference, Budapest (Hungary), 2-6 June 1996, pp 926-930.

Verlinden O., Conti C. and Dehombreux P.
"Application of Rigid-Body Analysis for the Choice of Component Modes in Flexible Multibody Systems"
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, Budapest, August 21-23, 1996.

AMR Software:

Originally, a code called AFM (Analysis of Flexible Mechanisms) was developed in Pascal. This code included all the features of a commercial software (preprocessor, postprocessor for curves, visualization and animation) but has been given up due to the limitations of the Pascal language. AMR was then born, which is the porting of AFM to C++ language, exploiting the object-oriented theoretical background, and correcting some failures of the original program, essentially for defining the system. AMR can also run on any machine with a C++ compiler as it has been written in very pure C++ with portability in mind. It is composed presently of a preprocessor, an integrator and a curve plotter. A visualization and animation module is foreseen but the task is complicated by the difficulty of finding portable graphics development tools. A user guide with examples is presently written in the context of a collaboration with the Technical University of Ostrava which intends to use the software for teaching Multibody Systems Dynamics.

The principal characteristics of AMR are the following:

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