Research Topic

Distributed and quasi-distributed optical fibre sensors

  • Scientific responsible(s): M. Wuilpart; P. Mégret;

  • Scientific collaborator(s): N. Linze; D. Kinet; C. Caucheteur; V. Voisin; K. Yüksel;

  • Abstract : This research activity focuses on the implementation of interrogation techniques to demodulate distributed or quasi-distributed physical optical fibre sensors.
  • Description : - Use of a commercially available (photon-counting-) optical time domain reflectometer and some passive components to interrogate identical low reflective fibre Bragg gratings cascaded along a single optical fibre; - Implementation of a coherent optical time domain reflectometer technique for quasi-distributed temperature and strain measurements; - Vibration measurements through polarization related phenomena measurements.
  • Applications : - Temperature measurements - Strain measurements - Intrusion detection - Vibration sensing
  • Related funding(s):
    • PAI VI/10 - Photonics@be micro-, nano-, and quantum photonics
    • SIMBA - Optical-fibre-based vibration Sensors for Industrial Measurement and Biomedical Applications
    • SENSENDO - Retour de force en endoscopie endoluminale
    • MEDIATIC - TRANSMEDIA - Platform for Aeronautics and Transport