Research Topic

Fibre Bragg gratings

  • Scientific responsible(s): C. Caucheteur; P. Mégret;

  • Scientific collaborator(s): S. Bette; C. Chluda; K. Chah; D. Kinet; V. Voisin;

  • Abstract : This topic concerns the manufacturing of fiber Bragg gratings for optical telecom and sensing purposes as well as their full spectral characterization including polarization properties measurements.
  • Description : - Manufacturing of Bragg gratings in silica optical fibers in a clean room environment. Two writing setups are available: continuous-wave frequency-doubled argon-ion laser emitting at 244 nm and 800 nm infrared femtosecond pulses laser with second and third harmonic generation. Implementation of the phase mask technique, the Talbot interferometric method and the point-by-point technique; - Characterization of fiber Bragg gratings using dedicated instrumentation (optical spectrum analyzer, tunable laser and optical powermeter, fast interrogator, …); - Polarization properties (polarization dependent loss, differential group delay, normalized Stokes parameters, …) metrology using an optical vector analyzer from LUNA Technologies.
  • Applications : - Study of inscription mechanisms in hydrogen-loaded optical fibers; - Reduction of birefringence effects during the manufacturing process; - Fabrication of gratings for practical applications in both telecom and sensing (Cf. other research topics).
  • Related funding(s):
    • PAI VI/10 - Photonics@be micro-, nano-, and quantum photonics
    • SIMBA - Optical-fibre-based vibration Sensors for Industrial Measurement and Biomedical Applications