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Study of gamma and neutron radiation effects on Bragg gratings in plastic optical fibers

01/01/2019-31/12/2022 - partners
  • Funding agency: FNRS-PDR

  • Coordinator(s):

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  • Administrative responsible(s): P. Mégret; M. Mura;

  • Scientific responsible(s): P. Mégret; Y-G. Nan; I. Chapalo;

  • Summary of the project: Polymer optical fibers acquire a growing interest in both telecommunications and sensing. In this field, they are interesting because of their high flexibility and intrinsic biocompatibility. Among the different types of polymer optical fibers, some are photosensitive so that Bragg gratings can be manufactured inside their core. This project aims to study and understand the spectral evolution of different polymer optical fiber Bragg gratings (POFBGs) when subjected to gamma and neutron radiation. The focus will be made a) in the development of setups to manufacture different gratings (uniform, phase-shifthed, ...) in various types of POFs (PMMA, CYTOP and TOPAS), b) to use the 'design of experiments' concepts to analyze and explain the performances of these gratings under gamma and neutron radiation and c) to assess the use polymer gratings in sensing applications for parameters such as temperature, strain, relative humidity level and gamma dosimetry.