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FRIA Grant – Min Cen

01/10/2013-30/09/2016 - 1 partners
  • Funding agency: FNRS-FRIA

  • Coordinator(s): UMONS

  • Department Contribution:

  • Administrative responsible(s): P. Mégret;

  • Scientific responsible(s): M. Wuilpart; V. Moeyaert;

  • Scientific collaborator(s): M. Cen;

  • Related UMONS Cluster(s): Cluster TI;

  • Summary of the project: Passive optical networks (PONs) provide huge bandwidth over long transmission distances compared with traditional access networks. However, with their rapid development, the PON systems become increasingly vulnerable to various failures. Therefore, network monitoring becomes extremely important to guarantee an appropriate level of network reliability and performance. In the frame of this thesis, it is proposed to study and develop a new advanced PON monitoring solution, which combines the Transmission- Reflection Analysis (TRA) technique and Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) to achieve the global monitoring of the whole PON system in a cost-effective manner. The TRA technique, already utilized for optical sensing, is based on the unique relationships between transmitted power and the measured backscattered power for a given loss location. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that TRA is used for PON monitoring. The utilization of TRA method makes non-reflective event localization in branches possible, which greatly promotes the capability of a PON monitoring system. Besides the traditional tree-like PON structure, advanced PON architectures in NG-PON systems, e.g. ring-based long reach PON system, also requires an adequate monitoring system. In this context, by utilizing the newly proposed TRA fiber sensor, it is foreseen to develop a new solution to address this requirement. Since the cost is shared among a limited number of users, it is also important to take into account cost issues. It is therefore proposed to evaluate operation and capital expenditure of our solution.

  • 5 relevant Publications
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