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Platform for Aeronautics and Transport

Flexion set-up

View of fibers incorporated in composite material

01/07/2008-30/06/2015 - 4 partners
  • Funding agency: FEDER (Europe + RW)

  • Coordinator(s): MULTITEL (Mons, Belgium)

  • Department Contribution: Design of interrogating systems.

  • Administrative responsible(s): P. Mégret; M. Mura;

  • Scientific responsible(s): M. Wuilpart;

  • Scientific collaborator(s): D. Kinet;

  • Related UMONS Cluster(s): Cluster TI;

  • Summary of the project: Open platform integrating sensors, technological components and systems of detection mesurement and recognition for the quality control, maintenance and monitoring of structure and infrastructure in the industry and in the transport/aeronautics sectors.

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  • 5 relevant Publications
    • D. Kinet, M. Wuilpart, D. Garray, C. Caucheteur, F. Narbonneau, C. Chluda, P. Mégret,
      'Behaviour of optical Fibre Bragg Grating sensor embedded into composite material under flexion',
      IEEE Photonics Benelux Chapter, Symposium 2010, pp. 289-292, Delft (NL), 18/11-19/11, 2010 (2010/11/18).

    • C. Caucheteur, D. Kinet, N. Ben Soltana, P. Mégret, M. Wuilpart,
      'Self-referenced wavelength-sensitive monitoring technique for quasi-distributed fiber Bragg gratings sensors',
      SPIE Conference - European Workshop on Optical Fiber Sensors (EWOFS), vol. 7653, pp. 76533F-1-76533F-4, Porto (P), 08/09-10/09, 2010 (2010/09/08).

    • D. Kinet, D. Garray, M. Wuilpart, F. Dortu, X. Dusermont, D. Giannone, P. Mégret,
      'Behaviour of optical fibre Bragg grating sensors embedded into composite material under flexion',
      14th European conference on composite materials, 21, Budapest (H), 07/06-10/06, 2010 (2010/06/07).

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