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Détection et mesure de la pollution NO2 par capteurs quasi-distribués sur une fibre optique

01/12/2011-30/11/2013 - 4 partners
  • Funding agency: RW (Greenomat)

  • Coordinator(s): UMONS (Mons, Belgium)

  • Department Contribution:

  • Administrative responsible(s): P. Mégret; M. Mura;

  • Scientific responsible(s): C. Caucheteur;

  • Related UMONS Cluster(s): Cluster Material;

  • Summary of the project: This project aims to develop a quasi-distributed NO2 sensors based on optical fibers. The goal is to monitor poluution in tunnesl and parkings..

  • 5 relevant Publications
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    • A. Bueno-Martinez, D. Kinet, P. Mégret, C. Caucheteur,
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      Optics Letters, vol. 38, n. 20, pp. 4178-4181, 2013 (2013/10/15). (Impact Factor: ~3,399)

    • A. Bueno-Martinez, M. Debliquy, D. Lahem, A. Van Baekel, P. Mégret, C. Caucheteur,
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    • A. Bueno-Martinez, D. Lahem, M. Debliquy, C. Caucheteur, P. Mégret,
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