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Random fiber lasers

01/04/2011-31/03/2015 - 6 partners
  • Funding agency: Marie Curie

  • Coordinator(s): ASTON University (Aston, UK)

  • Department Contribution:

  • Administrative responsible(s): P. Mégret; M. Mura;

  • Scientific responsible(s): A. A. Fotiadi;

  • Scientific collaborator(s): M. Wuilpart; G. Ravet; C.E. Preda; I. Petukhova;

  • Related UMONS Cluster(s): Cluster TI;

  • Summary of the project: Particular areas of scientific originality and innovation in this project include the custom design of low noise CW and pulsed laser sources for ultra-long fibre quasi-lossless transmission links for high-speed transmission and secure communications recently developed by Aston group [e.g. S. K. Turitsyn et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 133901 (2009)], new applications of semiconductor saturable absorbers developed by TUT for signal regeneration and laser radiation stabilisation, design of new fibre random lasers following pioneering work by UMONS [A. A. Fotiadi et al, Opt. Lett. 23, 1805 (1998)], optical turbulence approach in long laser systems implemented by IAE [S. A. Babin et al., Opt. Lett. 31, 3007 (2006)], and ultra-long random lasers recently demonstrated by Aston and IAE teams [S.K. Turitsyn et al., Nature Photonics, vol. 4, 2010], development of new fibres for lasers and sensing by IRE, application of advanced modelling methods and techniques developed by ICT.

  • 5 relevant Publications
    • S. Boivinet, Jean-Bernard Lecourt, Y. Hernandez, A. A. Fotiadi, M. Wuilpart, P. Mégret,
      'All-fiber 1-micrometer PM mode-lock laser delivering picosecond pulses at sub-MHz repetition rate',
      IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 26, n. 22, pp. 2256-2259, 2014 ().

    • M.S. Kuznetsov, O. L. Antipov, A. A. Fotiadi, P. Mégret,
      'Electronic and thermal refractive index changes in Ytterbium-doped fiber amplifiers',
      Optics Express, vol. 21, n. 19, pp. 22374-22388, 2013 (2013/09/16). (Impact Factor: ~3,587)

    • V. V. Spirin, C.A. Lopez-Mercado, S. I. Kablukov, E.A. Zlobina, I. Zolotovskii, P. Mégret, A. A. Fotiadi,
      'Single cut technique for adjustment of doubly resonant Brillouin laser cavities',
      Optics Letters, vol. 38, n. 14, pp. 2528-2530, 2013 (2013/07/15). (Impact Factor: ~3,399)

    • S.K. Turitsyn, A.E. Bednyakova, M.P. Fedoruk, A.I. Latkin, A. A. Fotiadi, A. Kurkov, A.E. Sholokhov,
      'Modeling of CW Yb-doped fiber lasers with highly nonlinear cavity dynamics',
      Optics Express, vol. 19, n. 9, pp. 8394-8405, 2011 (2011/04/01). (Impact Factor: 3,587)

    • A. A. Fotiadi,
      'Random lasers : An incoherent fibre laser',
      Nature Photonics, vol. 4, n. 4, pp. 204-205, 2010 (2010/04/01). (Impact Factor: 26,506)

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