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Optical fibres for new challenges facing the information society

Distributed Raman gain versus wavelenth

Evolution of Raman gain versus distance

01/01/2006-31/01/2010 - 54 partners
  • Funding agency: Europe (COST – Coordination Scientifique et Technique)

  • Coordinator(s): EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)

  • Department Contribution: Nonlinear effect in fibers; Distributed metrology of polarization and nonlinear properties.

  • Administrative responsible(s): M. Wuilpart;

  • Scientific responsible(s): M. Wuilpart;

  • Related UMONS Cluster(s): Cluster TI;

  • Summary of the project: Bringing solutions for processing information and sensing using specific linear or nonlinear effects in standard, doped and micro-structured fibres.

  • 5 relevant Publications
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    • C. Crunelle, M. Legré, M. Wuilpart, P. Mégret,
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    • C. Caucheteur, S. Bette, R. Garcia Olcina, M. Wuilpart, S. Sales, J. Capmany, P. Mégret,
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    • A. Boucon, A. A. Fotiadi, P. Mégret, H. Maillotte, T. Sylvestre,
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    • M. Wuilpart, P. Eraerds, N .Gisin, P. Mégret,
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