Funding Projects

PAI V/18
Photon and Photonics : from basic physicsto system concepts

01/01/2002-31/12/2006 - 9 partners
  • Funding agency: Federal (Belgian Science Policy)

  • Coordinator(s): VUB (Brussels, Belgium)

  • Department Contribution: WP1: Laser dynamics; WP2: all optical signal handling; WP5 : gamma optics.

  • Administrative responsible(s): P. Mégret;

  • Scientific responsible(s): A. A. Fotiadi; M. Wuilpart; P. Mégret;

  • Scientific collaborator(s): O. Pottiez; P. Rodeghiero; A. A. Fotiadi; G. Ravet;

  • Related UMONS Cluster(s): Cluster TI;

  • Summary of the project: This project is about photons and fields in interaction with matter and about the ubiquitous role that photonics is starting to play in information technology and communication.

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