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PROSPER is a Starting Independent Researcher Grant supported by the European Research Council.
PROSPER is the acronym for 'Development of Polymer Optical Fibre Gratings for Endoscopic Biosensing Purpose'.
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Duration: December 2011 - November 2016.
Funding: 1,430,000 Euros.


In the news

Spring 2016: Some international conferences where our research work will be presented:
- XIII Conference on Optical Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, Europtrode, Graz, Austria, March 23-27
- SPIE Photonics Europe Conference, Brussels, Belgium, April 4-7
- Biosensors Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 25-27

Winter 2015: A packaged near-infrared optical fibre immunosensor has been successfully inserted in a fresh biopsy, featuring a clear surface Plasmon resonance signature!

Fiber grating sensor inside a tumor

August 2015: Our publication on long-range SPR in optical fibers is in the top 3 most downloaded articles on fiber optics and optical communications from JOSA B


Spring 2015: Some international conferences where our research work will be presented:
- EMN Meeting on Optoelectronics, Beijing, China, April 24-27
- International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology, Liston, Portugal, May 10-13
- OSA Optical Sensors conference, Boston, US, June 27 - July 1
- International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, Budapest, Hungary, July 5-9

April 2015: Our recent review article published in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry makes the cover of the May issue. It presents a detailed overview on the plasmonic optical fibre configurations and their performances in biochemical sensing.

Cover ABC May 2015

February 2015: Our work is highlighted in the IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter. An 8-page article summarises our main achievements with gold-coated tilted fibre Bragg gratings used for cell sensing.

IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter

January 2015: Our review article on tilted fiber Bragg grating sensing published in LPR is in the top cited articles, according to ISI Web of Science.

ISI Web of Science data
ISI Web of Science data

January 2015: Ir Alvaro Gonzalez-Vila from the Universidad de Cantabria, Santander, Spain joins the team. He will work on the development of plasmonic tilted fibre Bragg grating for use in gaseous atmosphere.


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