• nuclei

    Indented nucleus

  • bipolar

    Bipolar neuron

  • C1600-Confocal

    Square muscle cell

  • DAPI coeur MDCK

    Valentine’s nucleus

  • Triangle

    Muscle cell

  • keraverre2_v2

    Crawling cells

  • Network of cortical neurons (green: tubular and red: synapsin)

    Neuronal network

  • neurone1

    Cortical neuron

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  • ps600k_visq1



The Mechanobiology & Soft Matter group belongs to the Interface and Complex Fluids Laboratory at the University of Mons. We seek to understand the basic physical principles underlying force transmission and elucidating how cell mechanical properties regulate cellular functions. Our experimental approach of cell mechanics takes advantage of physical chemistry of soft condensed matter and engineering sciences to address physiological questions at single-cell and tissue levels.  

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Recent news

Hearty congratulations to Joséphine for successfully defending her PhD on neuromechanics!  


Featured article

New article on the mechanosensing of highly motile cells in the sept issue of Scientific Reports.


Warmest congratulations to Eléonore for successfully obtained a FRIA PhD grant !