Physics of the Universe, Fields and Gravitation

"It is my conviction that pure mathematical construction enables us to discover the concepts and the laws connecting them which give us the key to the understanding of the phenomena of Nature. Experience can of course guide us in our choice of serviceable mathematical concepts; it cannot possibly be the source from which they are derived; experience of course remains the sole criterion of the serviceability of a mathematical construction for physics, but the truly creative principle resides in mathematics. In a certain sense, therefore, I hold it to be true that pure thought is competent to comprehend the real, as the ancients dreamed."
A. Einstein, On the Method of Theoretical Physics, Herbert Spencer lecture delivered at Oxford on 10 June 1933, published in Mein Weltbild, Querido Verlag, Amsterdam 1934 and in Philosophy of Science, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1934), p. 163.

Welcome on the webpage of the unit "Physics of the Universe, Fields and Gravitation" at the University of Mons.

Latest publications of the unit:

  • Fronsdal fields from gauge functions in Vasiliev's higher-spin gravity
    David De Filippi, Carlo Iazeolla and Per Sundell
  • Higher-derivative harmonic oscillators: stability of classical dynamics and adiabatic invariants
    Nicolas Boulanger, Fabien Buisseret, Frédéric Dierick and Olivier White
  • A classification of global conformal invariants
    Nicolas Boulanger, Jordan Francois and Serge Lazzarini
  • Spin-2 twisted duality in (A)dS
    Nicolas Boulanger, Andrea Campoleoni, Ignacio Cortese and Lucas Traina
  • Consistent deformations of free massive field theories in the Stueckelberg formulation
    Nicolas Boulanger, Cedric Deffayet, Sebastian Garcia-Saenz and Lucas Traina